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Product Details:


These high quality rings are made of grade 316 stainless steel. Grade 316 stainless steel is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. they are rust proof and strong.

The rings can be customized by engraving outside and/or inside surfaces of the ring with text and/or symbols/icons. These rings without engravings are also a great accessory, and you can also choose to purchase the plain ring as simple every day wear.

The rings are great for men/women and children, make ideal gifts, couple rings, promise rings, graduation rings and special dates/events commemoration rings.


Material: Grade 316 stainless steel
Band width: 6mm
Ring size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Color: Silver (original stainless steel color)
Outside surface: flat
Inside surface: curve comfort fit


The ring comes with a lovely gift bag. The order will be shipped out within 2 business days. Please note that regular mail is used for free shipping, therefore tracking information will not be available. Tracking information for some international shipping may not be available as well. To track your products, please purchase the upgraded shipping.If you have other requests or special needs regarding the order, please leave your message at check out, or message us with any questions.


Stainless Steel Plain Comfort Fit Ring, Customized Engraving Ring

PriceFrom C$25.00
  • Engraving characters: Engraving is done on the inside or outside surface of the ring. The engraving characters is up to 26. The engraving characters include alphabet letters, Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, punctuation marks, some common marks (such as ♡, @, &, $, etc.) that are identical to a standard computer keyboard input, and some popular symbols as shown in the symbol sample image of photo listing. For example: "A ♡ M ", "02.12.19".


    Engraving Fonts (please see the font list in the font sample image of photo listing for fonts' actual look):


    1.  Arial
    2. Times New Roman
    3. Ink Free
    4. Segoe Script

    Please leave detailed engraving message including text, font and/or symbol number in "Add your personalization" section or leave a note when checking out, for example:


    font 1: A ♡ M (outside engraving)

    font 2: 02.12.19 (inside engraving)

    Symbol 2 (inside engraving)


    If font information is not provided, font 1 Arial will be used as the default font. If you don't need to add engraving, simply put "no engraving". 

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