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Product Details:


These high quality, shiny rings are made of grade 316 stainless steel (some styles are coated with black or gold color). Grade 316 stainless steel is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. These rings are rust proof and will never tarnish even if they get wet. They make great silver alternates. Name rings are engraved by hand stamping outside of the ring surface with names, numbers, dates, or short phrases. They are great for men/women and children, make ideal gifts, wedding bands, couples rings, graduation rings, or speical dates/events commemoration rings. If you don't need the engraving, you can just buy the plain ring as a decent every day wear.




Style: Name ring style 7

Material: grade 316 stainless steel

Band Width: 6 mm

Ring color: gold

Outside surface: flat

Inside edge: flat edge

Engraving color: original ring color or black


Each ring comes with a lovely gift bag.

Name Ring Style 7

PriceFrom C$19.00
  • Engraving descriptions:


    Engraving is done on the outside surface of the ring. The only font for engraving is as shown on the example pictures. The engraving can be the original ring color or painted with black. The maximum engraving characters on a single ring is 20. Characters only include uppercase letters (A - Z), Arabic numerals (0 - 9), symbol &, /, *, -, and the empty heart shape ♡. Examples:


    M ♡ A 4 EVER


    "Choose Your Ring": If you need the ring and add engraving (which is $10 charge in addition to the ring price), select "Ring and engraving - original color" or "Ring and engraving - black". If you just want the plain ring without engraving, then select "Plain ring - no engraving". Note: the engraving colors for Name ring style 6 are only the same as the ring color, no black.


    "What would you like engraved on the ring":  Input your desired engraving contents in this area using the available characters described above. If you can't input the "♡" symbol, then use "heart" (with double quotation marks) representing the heart shape symbol. For example:  MIKE ♡ ANGELA, or MIKE "heart" ANGELA


    "Notes you would like us known regarding the engraving": This section is optional. You may indicate details of your reqeust regarding the engraving here, if there's any. For example: put the name on one side and the date on the opposite side

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