Product Details:


This graduation keychain includes a round pendant and a graduation diploma charm attached to a keyring. The keyring and pendant are made of high quality stainless steel, which is tarnish-resistance and durable, and can keep its luster for a long time. One side of the pendant is pre-engraved with motivational words "my story is just beginning". You can customize the other side of the pendant with laser engraved words, numbers or symbols, such as name, year of graduation, graduation cap icon, etc. The keyring fits most keys and is practical for everyday use, or you can clip the keychain to bags, purses, backpacks for decoration. 


The inspirational keychain is a perfect graduation gift to express your blessing for middle/high school or college graduates, who might be your daughter or son, sister or brother, friend or classmate, or your loved one, giving her/him unforgettable graduation memory, and it will never be out of date.




Material: stainless steel
Keyring - 2.5 cm (~ 1") diameter
Pendant - 2.5 cm (~ 1") diameter
Color: silver


Engraving Characters and Symbols:


The engraving characters include alphabet letters, Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, punctuation marks, some common symbols (such as @, &, $, etc.) that are identical to a standard computer keyboard input. Some customized symbols you can use are shown in the symbol/icon image of photo listing. Each of these special symbols/icons are assigned a number to represent the symbol.


Maximum same size characters (including spaces and symbols) for the pendant are 40.


Engraving Fonts: 


Please see the font list in the font sample image of photo listing for fonts' actual look. The fonts include:


1  Arial

2 Times New Roman

3  Alex Brush

4  Freestyle Script

5  Ink Free

6  Rembank

7 Segoe Script

8  Vladimir Script

Personalized Keychains for Graduates

PriceFrom C$12.00
  • You can choose to buy the keychain with the pre-engraved message only or add your customized engraving on the other side of the pendant. Please enter your desired engraving contents in the corresponding input boxes above. If you choose to enter a special customized symbol which is listed in the sample/icon image, please use "symbol" plus the corresponding number to represent the symbol. For example, use "symbol 4" to represent the graduation cap icon.


    Maximum same size characters (including spaces and symbols) for the pendant are 40. 


    In order to obtain a satisfactory and desirable outcome, please also indicate as detailed format information as possible in addition to the engraving contents, such as lines, fonts of the wording or sentences. If the style or format information for the engraving contents is not stated, font Arial will be used as the default font and we'll choose the design that we think will work best for your order.



    Line 1: ALVIN (font 5 Ink Free)
    Line 2: symbol 4 (graduation cap)
    Line 3: 2021 (font 1 Arial)


    Please Note: We'll try our best to meet your needs regarding the format, style or design of the engraving. However, minor adjustments may occur due to the limitation of engraving sapce. You'll be contacted if your desired style is not available or significant changes are needed.