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In addition to making a beautiful accessory and high-end look for your pet, these personalized pet tags are an ideal and long-lasting way to protect your pet. The tags are made from quality and durable stainless steel, with deep laser engraving important information such as name, address, and phone number on one side or both sides. The tag is a must for your little friend, making sure that he/she can always get home safely and give you peace of mind.




Material: stainless steel


big - 50 mm x 28 mm (2" x 1.1")

small - 36 mm x 22 mm (1.4" x 0.9")

Colors available: silver, gold, black


Engraving Characters and Symbols:


The engraving characters include alphabet letters, Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, punctuation marks, some common marks (such as @, &, $, etc.) that are identical to a standard computer keyboard input. Some extra customized symbols you can use are shown in the symbol image of photo listing, including heart, crown, paw, bone, etc. Each of these special symbols are assigned a number to represent the symbol.


Maximum lines of engraving text/message: big size (4), small size (3)

Maximum characters (including space and symbols) in a line: big size (22), small size (16)


The shape of the engraving text/message can be arranged as straight line or arc shape.


Engraving Fonts: 


Please see the font list in the font sample image of photo listing for fonts' actual look. The fonts include:


1  Arial

2 Times New Roman

3  Alex Brush

4  Freestyle Script

5  Ink Free

6  Rembank

7 Segoe Script

8  Vladimir Script

Personalized Pet Tags - Bone Style 1

PriceFrom C$15.00
  • You can choose to engrave on one side only or both sides. Please enter your desired engraving contents in the corresponding input boxes above. If you choose to enter a special customized symbol shown in the sample image, please use "symbol" plus the corresponding number to represent the symbol. For example, use "symbol 5" to represent the solid paw symbol.


    Maximum lines of engraving text/message for big size are 4, for small size are 3

    Maximum characters (including space and symbols) in a line for big size are 22, for small size are 16


    In order to obtain a satisfactory and desirable outcome, please also indicate as detailed format information as possible in addition to the engraving contents, such as lines, fonts, or shapes (arc or straight line) of the wording or sentences. If the style or format information of the engraving contents is not indicated, font Arial will be used as the default font and we'll choose the design that we think will work best for your order.


    Example 1:


    Side 1

    symbol 6   Cooper (font 7 Segoe Script, arc shape)  symbol 6


    Side 2

    line 1: If I'm lost (font 2, straight line)

    line 2: Please call (font 2, straight line)

    line 3: 123-456-7890 (font 2, straight line)


    Please Note: We'll try our best to meet your needs regarding the format, style or design of the engraving. However, minor adjustments may occur due to the limitation of engraving sapce. You'll be contacted if your desired style is not available or significant changes are needed.